The easy way to keep boot laces tied

Our supplier in the USA have notified us that they are closing and as such we will not be getting any new stock of Lace Covers. Although there are manufacturers in other parts of the world, we have not found the quality to be the same. Over the years we have prided ourselves in supplying a quality product with very few returns. With this in mind we will no longer be selling Lace Covers.


We have built great friendships and appreciate all the support over the last 12 years. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your sporting journey.

Intersport Mackay have stock of Lace Covers. Please contact them directly to purchase your Lace Covers.

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Spend more time on the field and less time on the side lines.

Keep your cleat boot laces tied with Lace Covers.

Suitable for Soccer, Football, Rugby, Touch Football, and AFL

Perfect for 

All players who wear boots with studs, cleats 

How to keep your kids laces tied is easy with Lace Covers
Lacecovers soccer rugby touch football AFL Gridiron shoe boot cleats keep laces tied stop prevent loose come undone cover shoelace lace band bands hot sweet spots

15 Fun Colors

To match your team kit or boots - or swap colors with a friend. 

Stop loose laces on soccer , football, rugby boots with Lace Covers
Lace covers the easy way to keep laces t

Better Ball Skills

Spend more time at training and games and less time tying laces.

How to improve your football skills and get more game time

More time on the field with tied laces

less time on the bench tying laces

Easy to use

Simply pull over your boots till the widest part covers your laces at the knot.

Lace Covers fit between the studs at the bottom of your boots.

No need to take them off your boots, fold over to tie / untie laces and never forget them at home!

Lace covers soccer football rugby boot bands hot spots keep your laces tied

Lace Covers are sold online in our shop and at numerous sporting clubs and stores in Australia. Our community is expanding to New Zealand.

Sports clubs participate in many activities throughout the year to fundraise much needed funds. We are excited to work in partnership with clubs and offer various fundraising opportunities.


The demand for Lace Covers at sports stores has increased over the years and we have numerous stockists in Australia, the majority being local family owned stores.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.