Sports Club Fundraising

Become a stockist of Lace Covers

Sports Clubs

Earn extra income for your club by selling Lace Covers


Display in your canteen and start making money.


Very profitable at carnivals and tournaments.


Free advertising on our stockist page.


No more picking up tape that players have dropped after taping their boots.

Sports Stores

Provide your customers with a solution to loose laces.


Increase profit margins.


Well priced to include in a promotion pack.


Free advertising on our stockist page.


Cross sell other products alongside  Lace Covers e.g boots, boot bags

and socks.



A fundraising option is available for schools, day care centres, clubs and companies and individuals.

Make a profit on every lace cover sold without spending money on stock.

No need to follow up on monies outstanding as you receive payment upfront on orders.

A quick and easy way to make extra money while helping the football players keep their laces tied during games.


Selling Lace Covers is Easy

No long forms to fill out and no credit checks.

E-mail us at or fill in the details below to receive an information pack.

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Lace Covers Fundraising Benefits

Affordable / Profitable

Lace Covers are a cost effective sports band that can be used for a season or longer, making it very popular with players and parents. 

Affordable with no minimum order quantities and the options to set your own selling prices.

Marketing Support

We provide you with posters and a stand for your store or canteen.

Online advertising material is provided for use on your social media and website.

With your permission we advertise your store / club on our social media platforms and website.

Healthy Fundraising

Lace Covers offer a healthy fundraising option for sports stores, teams and schools.

With the added bonus of committee members spending less time cleaning the fields of tape left behind by players, freeing up volunteers' time to spend

on other matters.

The easy way to keep laces tied.

T: 07 5519 -4945

M: 0424 867 834

P.O.Box 1291




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