Frequently asked questions

Who uses Lace Covers?

Lace Covers are perfect for sports player who uses cleats or boots with studs such as Soccer, Rugby, Touch Football, AFL, Gridiron.

How do we wear Lace Covers?

Give your new Lace Covers a good gentle stretch before first use. Pull your Lace Covers onto your boots until the widest part covers your laces at the Knot. Ensure the Lace Covers fit in the arch between the cleats at the bottom of your boot. Perfect, enjoy your game knowing that your laces stay tied!

Is Lace Covers sold as a pair?

Yes, Lace Covers are sold as a pair. When you order a pair of Lace Covers , you will receive 2 lLace Covers, one for each foot.

How do I care for my Lace Covers?

Lace Covers can be hand washed in warm soapy water. Rinse well and dry with a towel or air dry in a shady spot.

How many sizes are Lace Covers available in?

Lace Covers are one size fits all. Made from a stretchable thermoplastic elastomer laces covers are suitable for young players through to the youth player.

What colors are Lace Covers available in?

Lace Covers come in 15 fun fashionable colors. Great to match your team kit or boots. Or swap colors with your frIends and wear different colors on each boot. Have fun with color combinations! Lace Covers keep your Laces Tied during soccer, rugby football.

How can coaches use Lace Covers during training?

Many coaches use Lace Covers to teach players positions e.g defenders wear one color, the midfield players another and attacking players a different color. Also great for the young player who has not yet learnt to look up when kicking the ball. It makes it easier for them to identify theor team mates by the Lace Covers they wear.

What is the added benefit of using Lace Covers?

Laces Covers : Provide a bewtter surface for ball contact. Puts more swerve and curve on the ball. Takes the spin off the ball for better trapping. Visual aid for shooting and passing. With all of the above and keeping your boot laces tied, makes Lace Covers an essential must have in every players kit bag!

The easy way to keep laces tied.

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