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Mums love Lace Covers

Simply keep them on the boots and you will never forget them at home.

Enjoy the game knowing that your players' footy boots will stay tied.


Easy to use

Lace Covers fit around your boot , resting between the front and back cleats under the arch of your foot. The widest part covers your laces on the top and keep your laces tied.

Play your best game.

Ball Skills

Less time spent tying laces = more ball time= improved skills. Experienced players love Lace Covers because it gives them better ball control.

Time Saver

Lace Covers keep laces tied so no more running to the side of the field to have laces tied.Awesome for younger players who are still learning to tie their own laces.


Clubs love Lace Covers as it eliminates the need for players to use messy tape on their boots, No more picking up tape off the fields after games. Become a reseller of Lace Covers and earn money for your club.Visit our reseller page for more info.


Flip the top cover down to tie and untie your laces - no need to take them off your boots. 

A quick hand wash, then towel dry and they are ready for the next game. If only it were that easy to keep boots clean.


Made in the USA of thermoplastic elastomer, Lace Covers are designed to be used in all weather conditions. 100% Latex free.


Parents love Lace Covers because they don't have to spend hours trying to clean the tape off their kids boots. Families love Lace Covers because their childrens' laces remain tied.


Coaches love Lace Covers because it gives players a visual reference point for instep shooting as well as inside of the foot passing.

Players concentrate on training and games, knowing their laces are tied.


It doesn't matter which type of football or rugby you play, how old you are or what skill level , LACE COVERS 

mean MORE GAME TIME and less lace tying.


To keep your laces tied, we offer a selection of 15 fun fashionable colors.


Lace Covers - an essential item in every players kit bag! 

Lace Covers is the only product that helps improve skills through increased game and training time by keeping players boot laces tied.

Our Story

Sandra Da Silva


Being a mum of two busy boys I spent many hours along the sports field proudly supporting my two young boys while they learnt to play soccer.


Frustrated by continuously having to tie my kids' laces during training and games I spent time looking for a product that would prevent loose laces while my boys were on the field.

Knowing how expensive kids sports can get I looked for a product that was practical, easy to use and cost effective.


With great excitement I found a quality sports band that fitted over their cleats and kept their laces tied.

Other parents saw how easy it was for our boys to use Lace Covers to keep their laces tied and soon we were selling Lace Covers to other players.

The demand for Lace Covers grew and in 2013 the company Lace Covers was established.

We hope you love using Lace Covers as much as we do.



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